About Tired Iron Videos

Tired Iron Videos is a part of Tired Iron Restoration, Inc. A family owned and operated business that has many facets. Tired Iron repairs tractors for the hardworking farmers of the Chehalis river valley in Western Washington State. Tired Iron sells tractor parts worldwide via their website at www.tiredirontractorparts.com and we have, in the past, restored antique tractors for collectors nationwide. We stay busy and are grateful to all our customers.

The John Deere Engine video we offer was conceived when we saw other rebuild videos on the market that skipped over important details, failed to show clearly the subject matter and were generally a disappointment to the purchaser. We also realized that the John Deere New Generation tractors were becoming collectable and their value was increasing. About that time someone said, wouldn't it be nice if a person could actually rebuild a diesel engine after watching a diesel engine rebuild video? So we filmed one, and we think it turn out well and has a lot pretty good information on it!

So, please take a look at our youtube channel, watch a few of the free segments and if you think it would help you with your project, we would be happy to send you out a copy. DVD's are $30.00 plus shipping, Digital downloads are $30.00 and Rentals are $10.00 for a three days.

Thanks for looking.


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