Careful Installation Of Wet Sleeves Will Prevent Future Problems

  • Clean the o ring grooves in the block thoroughly
  • Measure the liner protrusion before you install the o rings
  • Install the o rings paying special attention to the location specified
  • Install the pistons and rods in the sleeves
  • lubricate the o rings and the mating liner surface with lubrication soap  (NOT OIL)
  • Position the sleeves and pistons so that rod and piston are aligned properly. Front markings toward the front of the engine.
  • Carefully lower the sleeve piston assembly into the bore
  • Push down to start the liner through the first o ring
  • Gently tap sleeves  completely in
  • Hold the liner down with a bolt and washer to prevent it from moving

Watch This Video For Step By Step Wet Sleeve Installation Instructions 


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